Quality Assessment test of primary schools in collaboration owned by PEF

We believe that through quality education, we can empower our Females; through awareness & dialogue with parents and corporate sector we can Eradicate child labor and bonded labor and by campaigning and negotiations with Political parties, we can achieve equal citizenship for our minorities. It is our firm belief that better coordination and cooperation among civil society members/organizations can do a lot more for the protection and promotion of human rights in broader perspective. We have faith in cooperation, coordination and collective struggle for humanity to live with the dignity, in a healthy environment, free from the threat of discrimination, hate, Exclusion and war. In the near past , some of the primary schools were privatized by the government , PEF owned these schools and handed those over to its partner organization named CARE FOUNDATION . the QAT( quality assessment test ) were as igned to NEEF to conduct in these schools situated in District sheikhupura . for the said purpose 2 teams were selected by the coordinator organization of NEEF named Beacon Foundation.